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Hi, I'm CL

Short Term Rental Owner, Host, Co-Host and Advisor

Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey that walks a straight path and comes with a guide book.  Entrepreneurship is complicated, twisted, and messy but a wonderfully rewarding venture all the same. Like any other small business owner, every day I am faced with a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn and grow. 

I started my Short Term Rental journey shortly after sending my only daughter to college, a big step for both of us. Like many empty-nesters, the sudden quiet was unnerving, the free time harder to fill. Having heard about AirBnB years prior, I took the leap and listed one of my rooms on the newly budding platform.  Little did I know I'd just taken the first step on the second biggest adventure of my life. 

So here we are! Having grown from one room in my own home, to properties all over the southwest owned and managed by me, as well as vacant owner condos across the US I'm proud to call myself Co-Host of. I've made it my mission not only to educate people on the wealth-building prospects of Short Term Rental but to build a network of connected hosts all over the world. Together we can take the industry by storm!


If you're ready to build lasting wealth, find freedom of time, and get connected with like-minded hosts worldwide, reach out to me and let's collaborate!

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How Can We Help?

Platform Creation & Management

Listing Developement

We'll create your listing (or review and revise your current one), ensuring that the proper photos, copy, pricing, and details are in place. We also ensure that the platform is updated frequently so that it does not get lost in the sea of listings. Our team is dedicated to keeping your listing top of mind.



Consulting, Mentoring & Education

Short Term Rental Advice & Education

We provide Short Term Rental guidance, advice, education, and training on best business practices. We help you to understand the day-to-day operations of your property from inception to booking. Learn to navigate the top STR platforms and their tools, and get one step closer to achieving your business goals.



Co-Hosting (Property Management)

Property Management

Personal Touch. Peace of Mind. This is what we offer all Owners that entrust the care and management of their listings with us. Your objective is a return on your investment. Ours is delivering services that keep your property in five star, stunning condition. Expect quality!




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