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Be Your Own Guest (for not so obvious reasons)

Our contributors from around the world send us some great hosting tips that we would like to share with all of you. This week's contributor is Ian K.

"What is on your list of things to do prior to making a listing go live?

Staying in the unit myself for a night to test it out has always been on my list, but as I opened up four new units again recently, I became aware of just how important that is!

First thing is that we decided to cheap out and buy off-brand Keurigs that weren't really Keurigs. Well, it sucked. So we quickly went out and bought something properly. Still inexpensive, but worked much better. Wouldn't have known this if I hadn't stayed in the unit.

Then for the other units that I opened, we got so busy that we didn't end up staying in them before putting them live. Well, our Noiseaware sensors started going off a lot for our 2nd guest, and he was adamant that they were in bed sleeping and not making noise. I had to give him the benefit of the doubt because I hadn't actually stayed there myself. The AC was admittedly loud, so I thought possibly it was that. Well, I stayed there the night after he checked out, and it was definitely NOT the AC. They were just being loud. Important to know things about your unit so guests can't BS you!"

What are your thoughts?

Have some tips, tricks, or tidbits you would like to share with our audience? Send your submission to

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