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CoHost vs. Property Management

CoHosting is the cousin of property management but generally only for short term vacation rental locations (homes, condos, apartments, rooms, teepees, yurts, campers, etc.). Property Managers usually ensure that your long term rental property stays occupied for a minimum of 1-year and may perform rent collection, ensure landscaping, structure, and utility maintenance. CoHosts provide all the services of a property manager and additionally, hospitality service that includes location and linen cleaning services, guest communications, and website platform management for people from all over the globe, on a daily basis.

CoHosts, smile, grit their teeth, fluff, cater, and wrangle for the guest's comfort and convenience. It's not a hardship. CoHosts are normally individuals that like to go that extra mile to ensure all parties get what they want (Property Owners and Guests).

So if you want to be a CoHost or you are looking for someone to perform the CoHosting duties for your location(s), here are just a few things to look for that they should possess:

1. Hospitable

2. Pleasant Disposition

3. Customer Service Oriented

4. Problem Solver

5. Works Autonomously

6. Provides Feedback

7. Accepts Critique

8. Detail Oriented

9. Dependable

10. Trustworthy

Bonus: Forward Thinking and Creative

Are you interested in learning how to become a CoHost? Want to improve your CoHosting skills? Are you in search of a CoHost? Reach out to us today in the Contact tab.

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