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Is It Still Considered the End of Summer?

Is it still considered the end of Summer since most of us didn't leave the house other than for essential purposes or take our usual time off work and school for summer vacationing fun?

Labor Day weekend is usually the time that people take their final respite for the season and then begin wrapping their heads around going back to school and work straight through until Thanksgiving week. With many schools not physically opening and some of us not really taking an extended and well-deserved vacation away from home - It seems the end of summer as we've known it in the past - like many normalcies - it's just that... A thing of the past. It doesn't have to be though.

Within a few hours' drive, there are still places to go that you can take advantage of, explore, and enjoy.

As we all have determined - 'as per usual' is a thing of the past so why not start new traditions by taking a mini-vacation, close to home? Give us the opportunity to provide you with great hospitality and you get the opportunity to return to your new normalcy renewed, revived, and ready to take on whatever comes your way. We would love the opportunity to give you a home away from home experience.

Check out our listings below and be sure to take advantage of this week's End of Summer specials!

PS IYou All-Inclusive Condo

Near Aerial Tram & Downtown

Palm Springs, CA

The Fox Barn

Big Bear, CA

New Home in Gated Community near DT & BEACH

Ensenada, Baja CA Mexico for more information on property management, cohosting for your property or to learn how to successfully operate your short term rental property.

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