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Long Distance is Not Just About Romance

There's this great piece of property with your name on it that you want to purchase to correspond with your Why or you already own/have inherited it but you don't necessarily want to live there. Maybe it's a few hours away, in another city, state or country, or let's face it - you just don't want to personally manage it. What is a good way to maximize this property's potential? The short answer: Set it up as a Short Term 'vacation' Rental income property.

Short Term property management is more involved than a Long Term (30+ days/1-year lease) management. In essence, you are operating a boutique hotel and therefore, there is much more day-to-day and hands-on involvement. This sounds like the downside. Actually, it's the upside. Why? Because there is the potential for a minimum of 2x+ the amount of standard monthly leased income to be generated.

The brighter side still, you can enlist the help of a CoHost to take on all the administrative tasks of running the property while you sit back and enjoy the cash flow.


1) Contact Us Today

2) Let Us Educate You & Your Team

3) Follow Our Proven Methods

4) Stay Up To Date On Best Practices

5) Hire Our Team To CoHost Your Property(s)

Contact us today to see how we can help you make this a reality. OR

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