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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Start with troubleshooting the what-ifs and then work from there.

"Short term rentals are one of the most complex purchases a person can make online. Rules for rates, fees, taxes, stay length, and check-in days can vary greatly. Online booking engines work efficiently to navigate these layers of settings and allow guests to easily find and book your listing. But no matter how sophisticated the setup, there will always be a margin for human error. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

Before you lower your pricing in an effort to fill your empty dates, take a few minutes to make sure technical difficulties aren’t holding back your booking flow.

First of all, check your listing’s online accessibility and reservation process:

1. Search your website and OTAs like a guest would. ...are you able to find your listing in the search results?

2. If you find your listing in search results... on to your listing's detail page. Then check your booking funnel.

3. If your listing does not appear in search results... ...verify your listing page is still active. If active, try to quote your target stay dates. If you can’t quote dates that should be available, get visual confirmation booking rules and restrictions are set up correctly." ~Beyond Pricing

Your best pricing and reservation strategy is not to operate in fear!

Need assistance figuring out some of the best business practices and strategies to help your short term rental business be successful? Schedule a consult with us TODAY!

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