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One Size Fits All

Well, only if you are talking about socks...and not even then.

There are many ways of going about operating your short term rental business. It's not a cookie-cutter situation and what one host does to achieve their desired outcome and what a different host does (or doesn't) do can vary widely. What's most important is that you try different methods, network and glean what you can from other hosts, and always remain fluid. That is unless of course, what you are doing - well, just works!

"Navigating travel around what we are all referring to as the “new normal” has culminated in a huge moment that represents the millions of diverse entrepreneurs who opened their hearts and homes to tourists from around the world over the past decade. Though many were hosting guests before, this IPO and frankly, this pandemic, has brought the short-term rental ecosystem to center stage. It’s living proof that people can create their own destinies, launch a side venture to provide for their families and be a part of a wider movement in which the main message is: There is no one-size-fits-all in travel." ~Forbes, Council Post

If you're in it to win it - get connected! Join social media groups that share your desire to grow your business. You may be surprised with how another host handles their operations, good guest, or challenging guest; what are some tips and tricks for cost savings or dealing with customer service reps? There may be new and different ways of handling an old issue. Stay relevant!

We would love to help you with your STR journey. Have questions or need help, connect with us at

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