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We should strive to be like the roots of trees.

Go outside as often as you can - without your electronic devices - and soak up your surroundings. Try to see the smallest, most unique part of your environment then look for the most majestic. When we rush through our days, we miss so much of what's around us.

I believe most of us assumed this time of quarantine would only last a couple of weeks. As weeks rolled into months, some of us became restless and overwhelmed with cabin fever, boredom, and a need for human interaction outside of our residences and Zoom.

We are closer to the end than we are to the beginning of this time as we knew it pre-pandemic. Did you use the time wisely? Learn anything new? Try something different? Finally, got those long-ignored household projects done that you said you never had time for? Check-in and help your neighbor? Get to know, learn, love, and appreciate your loved ones better? Make the best of a challenging situation? Make lemonade out of lemons? Or did you remain stagnant?

There are strength and growth in the smallest details of our experience.

We hope you took this time to grow - regardless of the challenges.

We hope you sought to not return to the status quo or normalcy but to make a new, better Normal!

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