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Should YOU Provide This?


"Bring wipes, cleaning supplies, and personal products you need to sanitize and clean. Don't count on the rental stocking items you rely on at home (though hosts may provide some items). When you arrive you may want to wipe down high-touch areas, such as doorknobs and handles, kitchen and bathroom areas, etc. Some renters even bring their own bed linens." ~Texarkana Gazette

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Regarding wiping down surfaces... The average host IS ensuring that all listing accommodations are thoroughly cleaned between each guest's reservation. If you feel the need to wipe down surfaces again a) expect to provide your own wipes and b) ensure whatever product you use will not ruin and is safe for multiple surfaces.

Contrary to popular belief - a short-term rental host's listing does not need to have ANY additional amenities available except what is stated in the listing's description. If you did not read in the listing's description that certain items are provided, then do not assume or hope that they are. BYO (bring your own - masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizer wipes).

As far as cleaning products... Many hosts do not make them available in the listings because one bleach mishap or removal of full bottles of product, one time, is enough to make a host stop providing these items for convenience. You pay a cleaning fee, let the cleaning team earn it. That does not mean to party like a 70's rock star in a hotel room or not take advantage of the cleaning cloths and plain water to clean up immediate oopses (DO NOT USE THE HOST'S BODY TOWELS FOR CLEANING UPS, CARWASHING, BOOT WIPING, ETC.).

Some hosts choose to provide these "extras" for your comfort and convenience. Unfortunately, a few bad guest apples make providing extras for all guest’s undesirable because they remove or excessively use commodities during their short stay (some of which are in short supply), such as:

  • Hand Sanitizer, Clean Up Wipes, Masks

  • Toilet Tissue

  • Shower Gel

  • Shampoo

  • Paper Towels

  • Salt, Pepper & Oil

  • Water & Snacks

It may be hard to believe that guests remove or excessively use up items, but it is absolutely true. You as a paying guest may feel as though these things are required from the host, you are paying to use them up or take them, but... They are not. Amenities are provided as a courtesy. But just like most retail stores, theft causes a ripple effect and requires prices to be higher to make up for the loss. Forget what you've heard, it is not the cost of doing business (COBD).

Additionally, most hosts provide bed linen, towels, face cloth, makeup remover towels and cloths, forgotten travel toiletries, etc. Again, none of this is required and should not be expected. It is what most hosts choose to offer you so that they may provide you with exceptional, comfortable, and convenient accommodation.

So if you arrive at your next short term vacation rental and find it light on "extras" it could be because items were taken by previous guests, items are not in stock and could not be replenished in time for your reservation or your host's budget-friendly pricing can't afford these extra costs to their bottom line.

If you are driving to your short term vacation rental destination, consider providing your own extras. leaving the remainder behind and paying it forward for the next guest.

For more tips and information regarding short term vacation rental, please reach out to us at

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