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Spring Cleaning - Old School Style

When I was younger, my mother used to announce "Spring Cleaning Saturday". The collective neighborhood groans of youth could be heard for miles and miles. I still believe that the neighborhood mothers got together secretly and decided which day they would make the announcement and commence to collectively make every home sparkle simultaneously.

Spring Cleaning Saturday happened annually right around Easter week. Duh, it just dawned on me that it coincided with school's Easter (Spring) Break. Ah, the light bulb of it all. Neighborhood mothers could count on one solid, maybe two full days of uninterrupted peace and quiet without hearing the ever present "Mom...I'm bored!" being repeated for seven full days.

My Mom would send my Dad off to work and she would post a list on the fridge of cleaning assignments for each kid. I swear that list was a long as a full roll of toilet tissue. She had us clean that house within an inch of it's life. I never knew a house could hide so much grime in plain sight. Mind you, we did housework each Saturday morning before we were allowed to go play outside or meet our friends at the roller rink, movies or new downtown Galleria to hang out. But, Spring Cleaning was reserved for the deep, deep, deep cleaning... Baseboards, each...crystal...on...the...crystal...chandelier, window sill wells, carpets got shampooed, wood floors got waxed, walls got washed, groves got q-tipped, fridges got pulled out, ovens got Easy-Off'd! LOL I'm shuttering just thinking about it.

Imagine, all of this was done without some of the "modern" conveniences (i.e., self-cleaning ovens, etc.). As you look forward to the newness and renewing of life's spirit, remember to pay homage to the days that have long since passed and thank goodness for modern conveniences.

What are some of the Spring Cleaning items, tips, and tricks you do for your Short Term Rental (STR)?

Happy Hosting...


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