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Stay(In Town)Cation Defined

Life as we have known it has passed. 2020 is forcing us to redefine what normalcy is, how to spend our discretionary income, and when and where to travel.

We have all been somewhat sequestered since March and we are slowly dawning into a new day. Stores, restaurants, and the like are slowly opening with altered services and access. The need for moving about the immediate area and country freely is begging for us to fulfill our innermost desire... To see sites, explore, and change our current landscape and routine (with masked abandon).

I've presented the problem so now here's the solution...

Stay(In Town)Cation or Staycation!

The month of August presents a unique opportunity for a budget-friendly getaway within 3 or fewer hour's driving time in Southern California. We cordially invite you to head out to Palm Springs CA, Big Bear CA, and Ensenada MEX where we host some unique short term vacation rental rooms, entire condos, and whole-home accommodations. Maybe you need anywhere from just a couple of nights or up to 1 month or more. Either way, we've got you covered. Some of our listings are child- and pet-friendly.

Book your Stay(In Town)Cation TODAY, and take advantage of our August discounts. You need a budget-friendly break from the monotony, time to relax and pretend that you are in a place far, far away. We look forward to hosting you!

PS IYou All-Inclusive Condo

Near Aerial Tram & Downtown

Palm Springs, CA

The Fox Barn

Big Bear, CA

New Home in Gated Community near DT & BEACH

Ensenada, Baja CA Mexico for more information on property management/cohosting for your property or to learn how to successfully operate your short term rental property.

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