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What Can A Pinball Machine Teach Us?

Instead of focussing on what was and what could have been, I've decided to focus on how to do things bigger and better going forward.

Current economic and health crisis events have caused my business income and activity to go down to an uncomfortable level. When you operate in the hospitality business that relies on travel...and people, you get hit hard when there is no travel...and no people. Recently, you have probably heard a lot of people telling you that you should have risk management plans already in place (true). What I would like to add to that is...learn to pivot!

If you have ever played or observed a pinball machine, you should note that when the ball is in play, it should always be bouncing off of certain set knobs to gain points and avoid going straight down the middle, past the saving paddles, into the abyss. That's how we should be thinking about rebounding from the current events.

I'm going to take this opportunity of self-quarantine and business impact to pivot and seek ways to bounce off of the knobs and gain points to be used for when things pick up again and for long-term play in the future. One of the pivots I am implementing is to offer my short term rental (STR) platform services, training, education and consulting to individuals interested in the short term rental business and to newer hosts that need ongoing support. Reach out to me today to see how I can be of service to you!

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