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What's The Guest's Perspective? Do You Even Care?

Just starting out or in operation for some time is a 6 of one, half a dozen of the other concept when it comes to what you offer travelers in your Short Term Rental (STR).

When you begin, you try to think of every possible detail and angle (kind of like planning a wedding). Even if no one notices the tiniest detail - YOU know it's there. Conversely, those that have been providing hospitality to travelers for some time, should not only stay at their own listings and experience exactly what guests experience, but they should make changes based on that experience. These changes could be as simple as putting a table, lighting, chair, or cord in a much more convenient place (think, function over form). Or, maybe removing unnecessary chachkies that collect dust (think, less is more). Just because you have been doing something for a while doesn't mean you are doing it right or well.

Every now and again, we all need to take inventory (so to speak) and maybe even get outside input on what our listing has to offer. Find a few, no holds bar, best interest in mind folks that will give you the truth - not their truth and preference - but crystal clear, actionable and affordable advice that will help you be successful going forward. Have them review your online presence (social media, personal website, platform listing - verbiage, pictures, and pricing). In return, offer to do the same. Sometimes we are spending so much time renting out space in our own heads and believing that what we want for others is what THEY want that we miss the mark.

I've been in the real estate game for 20 years and I'm always in the learning and growing phase. Interested in having your listing or website reviewed for accuracy and appeal, send us a message and we'll connect with you to make that happen.

Happy Hosting...


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